Food & Nutrition Programs

New Initiatives

Healthy Families Farmers Markets

Modeled after traditional farmers markets, we work with community partners to distribute free, fresh produce – delicious and nutritious food that struggling New Jerseyans often can’t afford. Launched in 2017, now with 18 sites across the state, our Healthy Families Farmers Markets provide fresh fruits and vegetables year-round.

This program is possible due to support from Petro Home Services, Ethicon, and Summit Medical Group Foundation.

Diabetes Initiative

In partnership with Summit Medical Group Foundation, we help clients with diabetes by providing health screenings, diabetes-friendly food and nutrition tips at several community partners across the state.


    Tristan Wallack, Director of Network Planning and Food Sourcing – or 908-355-3663 ext. 262

    Michael Kates, Network Impact Manager – or 908-355-3663 ext. 307