Action Alert: Increase State Budget Funding

In our efforts to provide food, help and hope, we advocate to better serve our struggling neighbors. A major issue in our state is funding for the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP).

Since 2007, the New Jersey State Budget has provided funds for the State Food Purchase Program, which allows the FoodBank to purchase healthy and nutritious food to feed hungry New Jerseyans.

However, for the past six years, state funding for this program has been held flat, despite the growing need and rising costs of purchasing food in New Jersey. This means reduced buying power and less food for New Jersey’s hungry residents and families, as the costs for the same essential goods and services go up with inflation. YOU can help!

Please contact the Governor’s Office and legislators on the Assembly and Senate Budget Committees and ask them to increase funding for the State Food Purchase Program to the rate of inflation, so we can continue to provide more hungry New Jerseyans with healthy and nutritious meals.