Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey is proud to have the support of Bristol-Myers Squibb, based in New Jersey, for our hunger fighting programs in New Brunswick, an area with one of the highest poverty levels in the state. Our Kids Cafe program in New Brunswick serves children 13 and younger in daycares and after-school programs with nutritious meals through the school year.

Because of the well-established link between nutrition and health, the FoodBank is committed to addressing hunger through the distribution of healthy food and nutrition education. To help increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious groceries, the FoodBank’s Retail Gleaning Program receives wholesome food from retail stores and supermarkets, including some in New Brunswick. The food that we receive through retail gleaning is distributed through our programs and those of our member agencies.

We are grateful to Bristol-Myers Squibb for helping the Community FoodBank of New Jersey provide food for families in need.