Community Farmers Markets

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey addresses hunger as a health issue, aiming to distribute more fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious items among our neighbors in need.

In our efforts to treat food as a prescription, we recently launched a new initiative to increase access to healthy foods. Modeled after traditional farmers markets, we’re working with community partners to distribute carrots, tomatoes, onions, corn and more — delicious and nutritious foods that struggling New Jerseyans might otherwise not be able to afford.

In fact, we know that 75 percent of people we serve often choose inexpensive and unhealthy food to get by. But our Farmers Markets address the need — and individuals, families and seniors are happy with the food they receive!

Bertha, 72, told us the Farmers Market site she visits helps her access healthy food. “Tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers — all delicious,” she told us. “It helps me. It’s all good.” She even started telling us about the nutritious meal she would prepare for dinner using some of the ingredients she received at the Farmers Market.

Stay tuned for more from our Farmers Markets! For information on how your company can sponsor a Farmers Market site, please contact Debby Scheinholtz, Director of Corporate Relations, at 908-242-3951 or