If The FoodBank Disappeared… “It Would Be Really, Really Hard To Feed My Kids.”

Nadege works hard to provide for her two children. Like many in South Jersey, even though she has a job, she struggles to afford the food her family needs to stay active and healthy. That’s why she’s grateful for the food pantry at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Pleasantville.

She walked into the pantry with her wide-brim straw hat and an easy smile. When she comes to the pantry, she breathes a sigh of relief, knowing she will have enough to feed her family.

“When you get paid, you need to pay the bills,” she said. “The little money you have left goes to food–and sometimes that’s barely enough to survive.”

At the pantry, she chooses the food items that suit her family’s needs. Nadege asks for milk, eggs, chicken, bread, cereal, and fruits and vegetables. She ensures she receives healthy food from the pantry because she knows how important nutrition is for her little ones, ages four and two.

“I’m just coming here for food for my family,” Nadege added. “Without this place, I wouldn’t eat to save food for my kids because they need the food to grow and succeed.”