If The FoodBank Disappeared… “My Son And I Would Be Hungry”

Sherry, 49, has faced many challenges in her life, but she never fails to smile. She talks about not having enough food for herself and her son and turning to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey for support.

“There was a point in my life in my early twenties that my stomach started sealing up on me because I couldn’t afford food,” Sherry said. “I didn’t know about food banks at that time, but I knew I was hungry and would face the consequences that come with hunger. From that day, I promised myself that I would make sure my family would never go without food.”

Sherry and her husband performed in a bluegrass band, and it was their pride and joy. But after he passed away, she faced financial struggles and visited the On-Site Pantry at our Southern Branch to provide food for her son.

She then moved to Colorado with her son. It wasn’t until her mother got sick that she moved back to New Jersey and returned to the FoodBank to supplement her food supply.

“They just welcomed you with open arms, no questions, no judgments,” Sherry said. “I’m just thankful that it was available at those two points in my life when I needed help.”

Now Sherry works at the new Walmart in Egg Harbor Township, and she makes sure to share her positivity with her colleagues and customers.

“I wake up every day, no matter what situation is going on in my life, I wake up with a smile on my face,” she said. “A: Because I woke up. B: Because my daily goal is to make someone genuinely smile.”

“Not everyone has money to give, but we all have time. There’s always something that you can do. My philanthropic focus is hunger because I know, without the support I received, my son and I would be hungry.”