Family Pack Program FAQs

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Here are some questions we frequently get from partner organizations about the Family Pack program at CFBNJ. If you have any further questions, please use the information below to get in touch with our Family Pack coordinator team.

Family Pack Orientation Training & Registration

Do I have to attend a Family Pack orientation or training?

Whether you are a former site, current site, or new site you must attend orientation/training every year. Attending the Family Pack Program orientation will inform you of any recent changes and updates in the program.

Who can register for Family Packs?

Schools, centers, hospitals, and facilities that serve children and are in an area were children receive 50% or more free or reduced-price lunch can register for the Family Pack program. *Contact Tamara Casseus directly if you are in an area that does not receive 50% or more free or reduced-price lunch.

Who should attend the Family Pack orientation/training?

Any staff person at the site will be providing packs, referring families to receive packs, picking up or receiving deliveries for packs and handling paperwork. It is required that at least one staff member who is working at the site and distributing or handling paperwork must attend orientation/training.

How can I confirm that my site is registered?

If you have completed the following, your site will be registered for Family Packs:
  • Attended orientation/training
  • Have a valid food handlers' certificate
  • Fill out the application and agreement.
The Child Nutrition Program Coordinator will then confirm the number of packs your site needs and if you will be picking up or receiving packs through delivery.

Where can I get the Family Pack application and agreement?

Please fill this form to apply for the Family Pack program.

Pickup & Delivery of Family Packs

Where do I pick up Family Packs?

If you are registered with CFBNJ in Hillside, you will pick up at 31 Evans Terminal, Hillside, NJ, 07205. If your site is registered with CFBNJ in Egg Harbor Township, you will pick up at 6735 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234.

What is the family pack pickup protocol?

An invoice will be emailed to the contact listed on the Family Pack application and agreement. Print out the invoice and bring it to the front dock of your registered foodbank location (Hillside or Egg Harbor Twp.) Then count your packs before you leave the building

How do I register for Family Pack delivery?

Contact the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator for Family Pack to request deliveries. Deliveries are provided every two weeks or monthly. The schedule will be confirmed prior to the start of deliveries.

About Family Packs

How often can I get Family Packs?

Locations can receive Family Packs weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on how often your program would like to provide packs to registered families.

Can I pick up or get deliveries of packs on holidays or breaks?

During school holidays or breaks, your program has the option to receive double the quantity of your normal pack order so that families can have weekend meals during any closings. For example, the week before Thanksgiving your site can receive a double order of packs.

How do I decide who to give packs to?

Packs should be considered for children and families that:
  • Receive free or reduced lunch.
  • Has had a hardship such as death of a primary care giver, fire, displaced household, or caregivers are unemployed.
  • Frequently asks for seconds and consistently complains of hunger or has consistent class disruptions due to behavior.
You can also refer to the information that provided during orientation about recognizing hunger.

What is in the Family Packs?

There are 4 different menus that are rotated throughout the month. The items in each menu vary and range between canned fruits and or vegetables, canned protein, cereal, shelf stable milk, whole wheat pasta or rice. All the items are shelf stable.

How do I register a child or a family for the Family Pack program?

If you refer one child for the program, then that family is considered registered and should get one pack and produce if your program receives produce. Multiple children in the same household should not be registered for the program.

How many people does the Family Pack feed?

The program is supplemental to add to what a family of four eats during the weekend. Partners can also opt to receive produce boxes to distribute to families.

What if there are more than four people in the household?

LIt is up to the discretion of the program coordinator to provide a double pack to families that are larger than four people.

What kinds of produce are in the Family Packs?

Produce varies based on supply chain and seasonal availability. It can be boxed, bagged or loose. This can be discussed further with the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator.

Program Requirements

Where can I get the monthly report and surveys?

The links will be e-mailed to any registered sites by the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinators.

When are the monthly reports due?

The monthly report is due on the 5th of next month by the partner appointed coordinator named on the Family Pack application and agreement. If you received packs in September and distributed packs in September, then the September monthly report is due on October 5th. If the 5th of the month lands on a weekend, then it can be completed by Monday.

When is the referral survey due?

Monthly, by the 10th of the following month. If you distributed packs for the month of January, then the referral survey is due February 10th. If the 10th of the month lands on a weekend, then it needs to be submitted on the first Monday after the 10th.

What is the referral tally sheet?

It is a tool for the site to use to collect information needed for the Monthly Referral Survey. It does not need to be e-mailed to the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator. The site can use it during each distribution so they can keep track of each household that receives packs.

When is the student survey due?

Any child registered that has received family pack must fill out a survey once before the program ends. It is recommended after the child has received packs for at least a month to provide the survey so they can fill it out. The survey is electronic. The feedback provided by the survey will help determine what product is distributed. As feedback is collected, menu items may change to reflect student preferences, keeping nutrition as a priority.

When is the student coordinator survey due?

Student coordinator surveys must be turned in before you stop receiving packs for the program year or by 5/1/2022, whichever comes first. The survey should only be filled out only once for the program year.

How can I verify that I am up to date on my paperwork?

. Send an e-mail to the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator to confirm that your site's paperwork is up to date.

Does every site have to get a monitoring visit?

Every year, each site receiving Family Packs must have one monitoring visit. This is a program requirement of Feeding America.

What do sites need to have for their yearly monitoring visit?

To ensure you're prepared for your site's yearly Family Pack program monitoring visit, please have the following on hand:
  • Order invoices
  • A copy of the food handlers' certificate
  • Pest control log
  • Ability to show where packs are held and explain how packs are distributed
  • Plan for left over packs.

Contact CFBNJ's Family Pack Team

Amanda Cusumano, Child Nutrition Program Coordinator