Being a Family Pack School Coordinator

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The position of coordinator should require an average of 2 hours per week (the amount of time depends upon how many students are in the program). The school coordinator will need to have time on Wednesday, Thursday, or Fridays to distribute family packs to participating students. Packing and distribution may be delegated, but to avoid problems, it is advised that this process be closely monitored. He/she must maintain regular communication with the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator at Community Foodbank of New Jersey and keep up with paperwork requirements.

Be aware of all Family Pack Program policies and procedures:

  • Attend mandatory Family Pack Program orientation in yearly (which may occur in May or September). Virtual provisions have been made due to COVID, follow-up with Child Nutrition Coordinator for details
  • Make sure food is primarily given to approved children who have been referred
  • Make sure food is distributed by approved adults each Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (or the last day of the week)

Family Pack Coordinator Duties

  • Communicate any necessary information about Family Pack Program to staff
  • Contact referred students to explain the program
  • Verify that each child referred into the program is legitimately in need of food at home on the weekends
  • Ensure all participants have approval from parents to receive packs

Maintain all records and reports

  • Keep all Family Pack Program data current
  • Maintain all surveys and reports as requested
  • Submit Monthly Reports by the 5th of each month

Inventory control

  • Check the inventory and confirm the count
  • Notify the Child Nutrition Program Coordinator when participation changes- increase or decrease (allow for two weeks for that process to be completed).
  • Assure the food is safely stored off the floor and in a secure location.
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for the food received. (I.e. encourage them not to leave food packets unattended)

Have more questions? We have a Family Pack Coordinator FAQ page that can help.


Tamara Casseus, Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator, Family Pack