FSTA Students Ready For What’s Next

We’ve been keeping up with our Food Service Training Academy students, learning about their journeys and hearing about their plans. As it’s time for graduation, we spoke with Ayeannia and Adrian for a final update.

Ayeannia faced many obstacles in her life, and she told us that for the first time she has confidence in herself — and it’s thanks to the FSTA instructors and her peers (her FSTA family). When we first met Adrian, he was sure he knew everything about working in a kitchen, which wasn’t the case. He said he learned more than he expected, and now he knows the learning process is never-ending.

Today, at 6 pm, we will celebrate the accomplishments of our FSTA graduates, who are now chefs. They will walk the stage in their toques to receive their certificates. Tune in for a Facebook Live stream of the graduation, and hear more of our students’ stories here.