Giving Thanks, Giving Back

Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions, but we all have one thing in common — we’re motivated to give back to make sure our hungry neighbors enjoy a holiday meal. At the FoodBank, we know this is true. We see it firsthand every day among our volunteers, donors and hunger-fighting advocates.

Thanksgiving is also a time to give thanks, so we asked our young volunteers what they’re most thankful for, and this is what they told us…

“I’m thankful for all the things I have, like food,” 9-year-old T.J. said. “It makes me feel joyful and happy to be helping people who don’t have as much as I do.”

And T.J. isn’t the only one grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hungry New Jersey children.

“It’s great to have the chance to help people in need,” Dylan, 8, told us.

His sister, Jessie, agreed. “I’m happy there are people who help
give food,” she said.

While nearly 340,000 children in New Jersey don’t know if they will have dinner tonight, thousands of others do their part to fill the need with healthy food.

Kids volunteer at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, packing bags of pasta and sorting food for hungry families across the state. They work with their classmates to collect food and funds as part of the Students Change Hunger program.

Ten-year-old Anika told us what it means to help kids like her who don’t have the food they need to grow and focus in school.

“It’s nice to volunteer because there are people who don’t have food,” she said, “and it’s nice to give them what they need.”

Lily, 8, also enjoys volunteering. “It makes me feel good because I’m helping families who don’t have food,” she explained.

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey works to feed hungry families every day and is thankful for the families who join the effort to end hunger. We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!