Investment Grant – Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for help with the Phase 1 Network Investment Grant from CFBNJ? Here are answers to frequently asked questions that might help.

If you still require assistance, please email for support.

Phase 1 - FAQ

When did the grant application period open & when is the application due?

    • Grant Application Open date: Thursday, August 15th, 2022
    • Grant Application Closing & Due Date: Friday, September 30th, 2022.

What can I apply for in Phase 1?

The focus for this grant is operational needs, anything that immediately supports you providing food to your neighbors in need (see below for excluded items).

Example items we will consider for Phase 1:

    • Refrigerators, freezers, vehicle repairs (not purchases), pallet jacks, shelving, reusable bags, supplies to assist with transition to reusable bags, generators, tents for inclement weather, and minor facility repairs. We will allow for stipends to volunteers that directly use vehicles to pick up food from retail partners and/or CFBNJ. We are also funding technology, such as new laptops, tablets and upgrades to internet services.

Situational examples for Phase 1:

    • We only distribute perishable food. Our fridge is over 30 years old; it works but it’s dirty, old, and we cannot always fit the items we need inside of it. It would be great to purchase a new one.
      Yes, apply for a new refrigerator as it supports the safe storage for all perishable food.
    • We run a shelter for children and receive food through CFBNJ. Our clients are children, so our needs aren’t as food oriented. We could use a laptop to better track our data, and a new stove for food to be cooked on-site.
      Yes, apply for both items as they support your clients receiving the food they need.
    • Our food storage space has gotten flooded, so we were thinking about asking for taller shelves to store our food on.
      Yes, apply for shelves that will store the food safely.
    • We have a van we use for pickup and occasional deliveries to homebound clients. It has a broken AC system. Although we have a freezer blanket, the broken AC makes it more difficult for our volunteers.
      We suggest receiving a quote from a mechanic and then apply for this to be fixed as it keeps the food and your team equipped for distribution.

Examples of items not covered in Phase 1:

    • Food and hygiene products (if you need additional food, please contact your Network Engagement Specialist or Customer Service Representative), staff salaries and/or volunteer incentives.

Situational examples not covered for Phase 1:

    • Does this count for staff salaries? No, it does not. Although staff run operations of
      your organizations, this grant is focused on operational items that are needed for
      immediate use.

Do I have to purchase things before the grant application is due or should I get quotes/prices ahead of time?

It’s both, you can be reimbursed or wait to purchase. It is strongly recommended to get these quotes and item prices for your application. This shares with us that you have researched the exact items and prices you need. Type the item prices directly into the application budget section.

What is the limit I can apply for, and will I get this full amount?

$15,000 is the maximum for this Phase 1 Grant. Typically, in grant processes, you are awarded an amount that is partial.

Can I guarantee the amount I will be awarded?

No, the amount you apply for cannot be promised to you during the application process. The hundreds of applications we expect to receive will be reviewed individually. We will carefully budget and choose grant recipients for the needs across our network.

What kind of devices are recommended to use Oasis?

Oasis is the CFBNJ recommended client intake and reporting platform. Learn more about device compatibility with Oasis.

Application, Survey Monkey, and Technical Questions

Have an issue with your application and can’t figure it out? Tell us your name and organization and which Step and Task you are stuck on. Email our team at and the person best equipped to support you will reach out.

Can I exit out of the application without losing my changes?

Click “Save and Continue Editing” before exiting. Your items will be saved, and you can resume your application at another time.

Why can’t I click “Submit”?

One reason might be that you did not complete a section before moving onto the next section. Try going back, finding which section needs to be completed, and then and submitting it.

I can’t move on in the application to fill out the other sections.

Did you fill out and complete Task 1 (Verify, select Submit, and then Mark Complete)? Go back and do so, refresh and it should work again.

Survey Monkey won’t accept my eligibility requirements.

Contact us

I’m experiencing a technical issue; it’s not accepting my information. What do I do?

Report this issue by emailing us at and we will get back to you asap. In the meanwhile, manually work on your application outside of the website, research costs of items you’re applying for and create a document to type your grant information in temporarily before you can get back into
your account.

Where can I find my EIN and 501c3 Letter?

For this application you need both your EIN (Employer Identification Number) and 501c3 Letter of Determination. We suggest using
this website to locate your EIN: .

For your 501c3 Letter of Determination, you will need to contact the leader of your organization or parent organization for a copy of the letter.

What do I have to share regarding our budget?

The budget that needs to be shared is for the specific items you are requesting to receive for the grant. You need to type that information straight into Survey Monkey.

I’ve never written a grant and need support, can CFBNJ help?

Yes, we have grant writing support available. Our Women Fighting Hunger (WFH) grant support team, a group of volunteer women dedicated to assisting our efforts to fight food insecurity, are available for a variety of assistance measures, including one-to-one help to write your application. Apply for grant-writing assistance. One-On-One Support begins the week of September 6, 2022.

What is CFBNJ looking for in this grant application?

If you know your needs, your mission, and budget, you’re on your way to writing a great grant. You’re telling a story of the work you do and what could make your days easier.

Phase 1 vs Phase 2

What’s the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2?

    • Phase 1 will fund immediate operational needs required to conduct daily distributions of food. Funding is limited to $750,000 total and will be awarded based on the entire application pool. See below for items that qualify for this funding.
    • Phase 2 grants will support larger projects, capacity building, and innovation that require more funding to successfully complete. We have not yet determined the specific categories, items covered or grant cap for Phase 2; however, we have already earmarked more than $2.5M for Phase 2. Phase 2 does not begin until later in our Fiscal Year 2023 and we will provide more details within the next few months.

Can I apply for both Phase 1 and Phase 2?

Yes! Apply for both. We want you to receive financial support through these grants.

    Contact Your Network Engagement Specialist