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Investment Grant – Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for help with the Phase 2 Network Investment Grant from CFBNJ? Here are answers to frequently asked questions that might help.

If you still require assistance, please email for support.

Phase 2 - FAQ

When did the grant application period open & when is the application due?

    • Grant Application Open date: Thursday, July 13, 2023
    • Grant Application Closing & Due Date: Friday, September 29, 2023

What projects or equipment can I apply for in Phase 2?

This grant will support larger  projects, capacity building, and innovation between $25,000 – $100,000.

Examples of supported projects:

  • Create or expand Space
    • Ex: For Client Service model
  • Expand/Upgrade electrical
    • Ex: For internet services
  • Large equipment and/or Expand Storage Space
    • Ex: Walk-in cold storage
  • Programs that promote health and wellness
    •  Ex: Build a kitchen to support healthy cooking classes and training
    • Ex: Build community gardens
    • Expand programs that help neighbors access SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits
  • Vehicles for existing or innovative programs
    • Ex: New Cargo or Passenger vehicles to bring food to seniors

Small to Mid-Scale Infrastructure Projects:  – Up to $25,000

  • These projects bring needed upgrades and/or refurbish existing infrastructure (examples)
    • ADA ramp
    • Generator
    • Systems upgrade (I.e., HVAC, Security)
    • New roof
    • Refresh facility

Do I have to purchase things before the grant application is due or should I get quotes/prices ahead of time?

Please do not purchase items before you submit the grant application. The grant spending will not begin until January 1, 2023 and retroactive payments before that window will not be accepted.

What is the limit I can apply for, and will I get this full amount?

$100,000 is the maximum for this Phase 2 Grant. Typically, in grant processes, you are awarded an amount that is partial.

Can I guarantee the amount I will be awarded?

No, the amount you apply for cannot be promised to you during the application process. The hundreds of applications we expect to receive will be reviewed individually. We will carefully budget and choose grant recipients for the needs across our network.

Application Questions

Have an issue with your application and can’t figure it out? Tell us your name and organization and which Step and Task you are stuck on. Email our team at and the person best equipped to support you will reach out.

Where can I find my EIN and 501c3 Letter?

For this application you need both your EIN (Employer Identification Number) and 501c3 Letter of Determination. We suggest using
this website to locate your EIN: .

For your 501c3 Letter of Determination, you will need to contact the leader of your organization or parent organization for a copy of the letter.

What is a W-9 Form?

An IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax form is used to confirm specific identification information, such as the applicant organization’s EIN (Employee Identification Number), organization name, and address, and is certified with a signature by the responsible person in the organization. CFBNJ requires the W-9 to distribute funds awarded to each grantee.

What is an “EIN?”

An “Employer Identification Number” (EIN) is a unique number assigned by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to a public charity, religious institution, or business so that it easily can identify the organization.  For this grant, organizations that are part of a larger, central organization must submit the EIN of the larger, central organization.  It will be used for verification with the IRS website.  These organizations also may have their own EIN to use on their W-9 Form (see below), but it cannot be used for IRS verification.

What is an IRS Determination Letter?

The 501(c)(3) determination letter is a legal document issued by the IRS.  It proves an organization such as a public charity or a house of worship has federal tax-exempt status.  After the organization applies for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code, the IRS responds to the organization with a “determination letter of approval.”

  • Organizations that are part of a larger, often regional or national organization, such as faith-based partners, must submit the IRS Determination Letter of their larger, central organization.

What is a “Tie-In Letter?”:

(Only required from network partners that are part of a larger, central organization)

  • These network partners must submit a tie-in letter from the larger organization that states the local organization is a member of the larger, central organization.
  • The tie-in letter must include the name of the local organization and their address and EIN.
  • In place of the tie-in letter, a directory from the larger, central organization is accepted, if it includes the local organization’s name.
  • This document is not required from a network partner which is a stand-alone, independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Survey Monkey and Technical Questions

Have an issue with your application and can’t figure it out? Tell us your name and organization and which Step and Task you are stuck on. Email our team at and the person best equipped to support you will reach out.

Can I exit out of the application without losing my changes?

Click “Save and Continue Editing” before exiting. Your items will be saved, and you can resume your application at another time.

Why can’t I click “Submit”?

One reason might be that you did not complete a section before moving onto the next section. Try going back, finding which section needs to be completed, and then and submitting it.

I can’t move on in the application to fill out the other sections.

Did you fill out and complete Task 1 (Verify, select Submit, and then Mark Complete)? Go back and do so, refresh and it should work again.

Survey Monkey won’t accept my eligibility requirements.

Contact us

I’m experiencing a technical issue; it’s not accepting my information. What do I do?

Report this issue by emailing us at and we will get back to you asap. In the meanwhile, manually work on your application outside of the website, research costs of items you’re applying for and create a document to type your grant information in temporarily before you can get back into
your account.

I’ve never written a grant and need support, can CFBNJ help?

Yes, we have grant writing support available. Our Women Fighting Hunger (WFH) grant support team, a group of volunteer women dedicated to assisting our efforts to fight food insecurity, are available for a variety of assistance measures, including one-to-one help to write your application. Apply for grant-writing assistance.

What is CFBNJ looking for in this grant application?

If you know your needs, your mission, and budget, you’re on your way to writing a great grant. You’re telling a story of the work you do and what could make your days easier.

Phase 1 vs Phase 2

What’s the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2?

    • Phase 1 – immediate operational needs required to conduct daily distributions of food. Funding is limited to $750,000 total and will be awarded based on the entire application pool. See below for items that qualify for this funding.
    • Phase 2 grants will support larger projects, capacity building, and innovation that require more funding to successfully complete. We have earmarked more than $2.5M for Phase 2.

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