Longtime Volunteers Share Their Stories

More than 50,000 volunteers walked through CFBNJ’s doors in the past year. Among them were newcomers, as well as familiar faces.

Two of our longtime volunteers, Betsey and Carol, have dedicated time to the FoodBank for years. They have supported our mission in different ways – from sorting food to preparing mailings – and they now work together in our Agency Relations department, filing documents every Monday.

Betsey joined the FoodBank as a volunteer 21 years ago, after seeing a Check-Out Hunger flyer at the supermarket. She called us and learned how she could help. She’s been volunteering here ever since.

“I like having something to do that’s a good cause,” Betsey said.

Now that she spends most of her time in Agency Relations, Betsey sees those coming in to pick up items for their food pantries or soup kitchens, which gives her a glimpse into how the work she does supports New Jersey’s hungry.

As for Carol, she became a regular volunteer almost 15 years ago. She came in with her church and then decided to dedicate time on her own.

She knows her volunteer work facilitates the process for agencies that pick up food to distribute among those they serve.

“We are seeing the good people who are coming in to get the food to provide to the people,” Carol said. “You see those good people with the kind heart.”

While giving time to help our hungry neighbors, Betsey and Carol have watched our operation – and their friendship – grow.

The two women shared stories about what things were like at the FoodBank, including the location of the thrift shop and the pressure of preparing thousands of mailings. And, they told us what it means to be a volunteer.

As Carol put it, and as we know from the thousands of people who dedicate time at the FoodBank: “Everyone who volunteers is a special person.”

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