Faces of Hunger: Meet Elmer

While Elmer and his wife work full-time, Morristown Neighborhood House provides nutritious afterschool meals for their two daughters, ages 7 and 10.

“The food here is good, and the care is good,” he told us.

Elmer works in construction, at times struggling to afford food for his family. As a result, both of his daughters have had difficulty maintaining healthy weights. Fortunately, the FoodBank’s Kids Cafe program at Neighborhood House has taught them about eating well, in addition to providing them with nutritious food.

“I’m very happy because our daughters are getting back to a normal weight, and we’re very thankful for that,” Elmer said.

He and his wife can breathe easy after a hard day’s work, knowing that their daughters have enjoyed a dinner that tastes good and is good for them.

“The FoodBank is a great help for us,” he said.

Look around. Hunger is everywhere, right here where we live, and it doesn’t look like you think. It impacts our neighbors, colleagues, and friends, though they work hard to make ends meet. Your support makes a real difference in their lives. Click here to make a gift to help neighbors in need, like Elmer.