Faces of Hunger: Meet Guillermo

Members of the LGBTQ community, like Guillermo, face unique barriers to financial stability and thus have a higher likelihood of being food insecure.

Guillermo, 39, is HIV positive and visits the pantry at Buddies of New Jersey to get food for himself and his husband. His husband is employed, but Guillermo’s harsh medical regimen makes it difficult for him to work. With only one income, they struggle to make ends meet.

Supplemental food is especially important to Guillermo, as he must have a full stomach at all times in order for his medication to keep him healthy. Whenever he goes to Buddies, he breathes a sigh of relief as he is greeted with friendly smiles and a bag of pantry staples. He knows that Buddies and the FoodBank are stigma-free safe spaces.

“I’m happy and at peace,” he told us. “I love coming here for the extra help. This is a marvelous place.”