Faces of Hunger: Meet Patricia, Mariana, and Martha

Patricia, Mariana, and Martha visit their local Healthy Families Farmers Market together—three generations under one roof. Mariana is a retired senior, and Martha, 11, is in middle school. With only one income, they wouldn’t have enough to eat without help from the FoodBank.

“Everyone needs food, regardless of their status,” said Patricia. She works a low-wage job while studying to be a medical assistant, a career move that she hopes will enable her to make ends meet for her mother and daughter.

In addition to providing food, many of our Healthy Families Farmers Markets offer information about other local services that are available in the community. While Patricia picks up the family’s allotment of fresh fruits and vegetables, Martha visits a table promoting STEM education for young girls and contemplates her future. She’ll need nutritious food to help her learn, grow, and achieve her dreams.

“They have the complete package. They give you fresh food, which is a basic need, and they also provide information about what the community provides to you,” Patricia told us.

Look around. Hunger is everywhere, right here where we live, and it doesn’t look like you think. It impacts our neighbors, colleagues, and friends, though they work hard to make ends meet. Your support makes a real difference in their lives. Click here to make a gift to help neighbors in need, like Patricia, Mariana, and Martha. All gifts DOUBLED until midnight 12/31.