If The FoodBank Disappeared… “Our Kids Would Miss Dinner”

Caroline is the Program Specialist at a Boys & Girls Club in Vineland and she sees the need among the children who visit her Kids Cafe site every afternoon.

“There are some kids who struggle with food insecurity,” she said. “As a staff member, finding out we were having a dinner program was a blessing, being able to give a kid a full, well-balanced meal is a feeling that can’t be reproduced.”

The meals the children receive ensure they will not go to bed on empty stomachs. “I believe if this wasn’t here, so many of our kids would miss dinner,” Caroline said.

“As an educator, I know how important it is for kids to have nutritious food. Without it, they would struggle to concentrate and would face behavioral issues. I’ve seen it firsthand. And I’ve seen the positive response to this program firsthand.”