Corporate Partner Spotlight: Petro Home Services

Eliminating hunger in New Jersey is a tremendous dream–one that we can’t accomplish alone. Fortunately, the FoodBank has community-minded corporate partners to aid our efforts to fight food insecurity.

Petro Home Services is one such partner that has shown exceptional commitment to the cause. Members of the Petro team first visited the FoodBank in December 2016 for a tour of our facility. As a local heating and gas company, they were immediately interested in helping us, as they have strong ties to the community and regularly interact with New Jersey residents, often on a personal basis.

“It is important to engage and support the people who live in the communities that we service, especially since we are a company that speaks to the ‘comforts of home’,” says Senior Marketing Manager, Deborah Ortega. “Those comforts are not only house comforts but also other family comforts, such as having enough food to eat.”

Petro began partnering with the FoodBank in 2017, with a focus on our Healthy Families Farmers Market program. They have been supporting the Farmers Market at Freedom Ministry in Plainfield since last summer, both monetarily and with a strong volunteer effort. A group of Petro’s superstar volunteers goes to the farmers market every month–no matter the weather! They often bring their families and are great at encouraging clients to try new fruits and vegetables.

“The first-hand experience of directly engaging with our local community is rewarding,” says Judy-Ann Hargrove, Marketing Manager, “Knowing that we are helping provide nutritious food and contributing to the well-being of families gives me great pride to work for a company like Petro Home Services. Petro supports the community we work in as we strive to make a positive impact.”

Their support makes it possible for the FoodBank to distribute free fresh produce year-round at 17 sites across the state, allowing struggling New Jerseyans to maintain healthy lifestyles. “The monthly farmers market at Freedom Ministries is not only a great event but a great cause,” says General Manager Jack Gomes. “Seeing the smiles of children, adults, and the elderly is priceless.”

In addition to funding our farmers markets, Petro has supported our Annual Women Fighting Hunger Luncheon for two years in a row, bringing a table of managers to the event. In November 2017, they also hosted a corporate turkey drive at their South Plainfield Headquarters, donating 17 turkeys and 400 pounds of food to provide holiday meals for individuals in need.

“We’re privileged to be able to lend a hand in this area, whether directly or indirectly, and will continue to do so,” Deborah Ortega tells us.

For more information on how your company can get involved, please contact Debby Scheinholtz, Director of Corporate Relations, at 908-242-3951 or