Students Talk About Our Life-Changing Culinary Program

Our free, 16-week culinary and life skills program aims to give students a “second chance” — a chance to better their lives, a chance to follow their dreams, a chance to learn something new… The Food Service Training Academy impacts these students who come from all walks of life every day. As our current class nears graduation, two students share what the program means to them.

For Nike, she put her culinary dream on hold to raise her children. The FSTA has “reawakened the true me,” she says. Tune in for more:

As for Bradford, he has always had an interest in cooking, but he faced obstacles in his life. The FSTA has given him the structure he needs to put his life on track and set a good example for his son. Bradford wants to show him that no matter what gets in your way, you should always follow your dreams. Hear more from Bradford: