The Perfect Holiday Meal

Food insecurity affects almost 340,000 New Jersey children. They look forward to the healthy meals they receive at school and after school at our Kids Cafes across the state. For many, the afternoon food we provide is the last meal they have to eat before going to bed. It’s tough for their families to serve food on any given day, let alone provide a holiday meal.

We visited one of our Kids Cafes in Morristown and asked children to describe what makes the perfect holiday meal. Here’s what they told us…

Giani, 7

“I like eating healthy things, like carrots. That’s what we would eat. Carrots and potatoes. I help my mom cook and we set the table, and we have a full table with yummy food. That would be great! Sitting together to give thanks.”

Leandro, 8

“When we get together, my mom makes meatballs – my favorite food. Being with my family is the best part. We get to eat and play and enjoy the holiday. It’s nice to say what we’re thankful for. We go around the table and tell everyone what we are thankful for. I am happy to have a great family for a holiday meal together.”

Michael, 7

“We sit at the table all together, as a family… my mom, stepdad and sister, and my dog sits next to me. We get to play outside after dinner. It’s nice because my cousins come, too, and everyone is together eating. I feel kind of nervous when I’m hungry, so I am happy to eat a big meal.”

Lesly, 7

“We do it at my grandma’s house. She makes the best food. You get to gather around the table with your family. Before, when they were getting the food, my tummy was rumbling. We give thanks. I’m thankful for food because not a lot of kids have food.”

Lesly pointed out the details in her drawing. “This one’s my mom. This one’s me going up the stairs to get my dog, Lina. This one’s my grandma getting more food in. My neighbors are coming back from work to eat with us.”

With your help, we aim to fill the gap and serve up healthy food every day because no child should ever miss a meal, including a special holiday meal with their families.