A First Look at CFBNJ

By Mary Faddoul

Walking through the doors of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey two weeks ago, I did not really know what to expect.

Before joining the team as communications specialist, I knew about CFBNJ’s emphasis on “FOOD, HELP and HOPE,” but I was unsure about how that would translate into the work done to support the 1.1 million hungry people in New Jersey.

My time here, so far, has allowed me to understand CFBNJ’s role in fighting food insecurity statewide.

Most of what I have learned has come from speaking with people – committed employees, dedicated volunteers and kind individuals seeking help – and from observing CFBNJ in action.

I have found that the heart and soul of CFBNJ lies within its departments, volunteers and agencies. The departments make up the backbone of CFBNJ’s mission; from Food Sourcing, which gathers food, to the Kids Division, which provides children in need with meals and classroom supplies. CFBNJ also has a constant presence of volunteers, of which there were 41,000 last year, who dedicate their time to sorting or packaging food and other items. And there are agency representatives who visit the warehouse to pick up food for the communities they serve.

There is never a dull moment. Food drives and fundraisers are always going on, volunteers circulate, agencies gather food, teachers leave with shopping carts full of supplies, Food Service Training Academy students learn culinary and life skills, and employees strive to do all they can to make a difference.

I anticipate there is much more in store for me to learn and contribute to the efforts of CFBNJ.

There is also plenty for you to see and do here. Please join us in delivering food, help and hope. Find out more about how you can join the fight against hunger here.

Mary Faddoul joined CFBNJ as Communications Specialist in October 2015.