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SNAP Outreach

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) serves as a front-line defense against hunger, providing critical support to help families make ends meet. Research shows that participating in SNAP, the largest nutrition assistance program administered by the USDA, plays a critical role in alleviating food insecurity and improving dietary intake and health.

Our bilingual SNAP Outreach team visits food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, churches and other community sites serving low-income families to offer free pre-screening for SNAP eligibility. We help those who are likely eligible for benefits complete the online SNAP application and provide guidance to prepare them for eligibility interviews.

The following items are necessary to facilitate the application process:

  • Identification (for everyone in the household).
  • Social Security numbers (for everyone in the household).
  • Utility bills (gas, electric, oil, water and telephone).
  • Rent receipt/agreement, mortgage statement and/or tax bill.
  • Proof of income (for everyone in the household).
  • Medical expenses (if 60 or older and/or disabled).
  • Children’s day care expenses.

Clients must have at least five years of residency in the United States to qualify for SNAP. If undocumented and with children who are American citizens, clients can apply for benefits on their behalf.

Click here for General SNAP Outreach information in English and Spanish 

This program is possible due to support from the Food Research and Action Center and the Walmart Foundation.

On May 20, 2020, the New Jersey Department of Human Services announced that households will be able to purchase food online using their SNAP benefits through Amazon, ShopRite, The Fresh Grocer, and Walmart. Click here to learn more.

On May 11, 2020, the USDA approved the State of New Jersey’s Pandemic EBT plan. The plan provides additional food dollars on an EBT card to NJ families struggling to make ends meet during the Coronavirus pandemic. Under the pandemic EBT plan, all New Jersey students enrolled in the free or reduced school lunch program as of March 18, 2020, are eligible to receive $416.10 on an EBT card to help with nutritional support during school closures due to the pandemic. No application is necessary to receive this benefit. Click here to learn more.

    To Apply for SNAP

    If you would like to be screened for benefits in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, and Union counties please call 1-908-838-4831.

    If you would like to be screened for benefits in Atlantic Cape May, and Cumberland counties, please contact Maria Waldman at 609-415-8513.

    For additional information or to apply directly online, please go to