Children need healthy food to grow and succeed, yet 200,000 kids in New Jersey don’t have adequate access to nutritious meals. CFBNJ’s work feeding children is an investment in their bright futures, providing them with opportunities to reach their full potential and laying the right foundations to break the cycle of poverty.

Kids Cafes

We fill the nutrition gap for food insecure kids by providing nourishing after-school meals every day so they don’t go home to sleep on empty stomachs. The program, which also includes a nutrition education component aimed at teaching students about well-balanced diets, currently serves 22 sites across the state – combating hunger and its health effects for thousands of New Jersey children.

This program is possible due to support from Bayer and Stop & Shop Family Foundation.

Family Packs

Weekends and days off can be especially tough times for hungry children and their families. Family Packs provide more than 3,300 New Jersey households with bags of supplemental fresh and nonperishable food for the weekend, when kids miss school meals.

If you are from a school that’s interested in implementing the Family Pack program, click here.

This program is possible due to support from Abbott Fund, Albertsons, Bayer, Chick-fil-A, HSBC, Joy in Childhood Foundation, and Stop & Shop Family Foundation. 

Summer Nutrition

For kids who receive free or reduced-price school meals and after-school dinners at our Kids Cafes, summer vacation can mean an end to a reliable source of food. In order to bridge the gap, we serve breakfast and lunch to children in need at sites across the state — including Boys & Girls Clubs, recreation centers and libraries — through the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

This program is possible due to support from Acme Markets, Bayer, Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, Morgan Stanley, and Stop & Shop Family Foundation.

Summer Meals Sites

Head to our blog for more information about how to get summer meals for children. This program will resume in the summer of 2022.


Lindsey Kennedy, RD, Director of Nutrition

Tamara Casseus, Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator, Family Pack

Amanda Cusumano, Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator, Kids Cafe

“I don't get this kind of food at home.” -Keylend, 9
“I like that they serve a lot of different kinds of food at the Kids Cafe. It keeps me healthy so that I have energy to play and go to school.” -Jocelyn, 7
“It's really wholesome, what we get in the Family Packs.” -Donovan, 16