New Jersey seniors struggling with limited financial resources are often forced to make tough choices between essentials. From rent to utilities, food, medicine, and transportation, income from low-wage jobs and social security checks may not always be enough to last seniors through each month. 

Of more than 830,000 New Jerseyans participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), three-quarters are children, seniors, and people with disabilities. However, benefits may be very low for seniors too close to the income threshold, leaving them with little to no help. Senior hunger is a pressing issue in New Jersey, which is why we have several programs in place to help.

With very few alternatives, many seniors turn to the FoodBank and our community partners for assistance. To combat senior hunger, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey distributes over a million pounds of food each year through our Senior Feeding Program.

Free Senior Meals

Senior boxes are free supplemental food boxes that are provided monthly to vulnerable seniors with limited resources. CFBNJ delivers senior food boxes to community partners, including senior centers, who then distribute them to seniors in need. Each senior box includes nutritious foods and meals, such as shelf-stable milk, canned protein, as well as fresh produce, as part of our initiative to address hunger as a health issue.

If you are from a nonprofit organization, faith-based organization, etc., that is interested in implementing the senior food program, please reach out to Tony Jones, CSFP Coordinator and Compliance Monitor, by clicking on the green mail icon.

SNAP (Formerly Known as Food Stamps) Assistance for Seniors

CFBNJ offers direct and technical SNAP application assistance to food insecure seniors eligible for SNAP and LIHEAP benefits, in addition to other resources. The support provided addresses the barriers to participation that seniors may face, including knowledge about eligibility, technology, and language. We meet families where they are and provide application assistance and support, both in-person and virtually.

If you are in need of assistance, please use our locator to find free senior meals near you.


    Tony Jones, CSFP Coordinator and Compliance Monitor

    ❝Without this food from the FoodBank, I don't know what I would do.❞ -James, 70