Agency Express Tutorial

Hands on keyboard, typing

Through our Agency Express portal, CFBNJ Agency Partners can order food for their food pantry, soup kitchen, shelter or distribution as either a Pickup or Delivery order. Partners can also accept and edit government allocations.

Need assistance placing a pickup or delivery order for your food pantry? View the following steps.

1. Go to

Screenshot of an Agency Express order form with fields for username, password and program code

  1. User Name: First letter of your first name followed by your last name.
    • Example: DJendrek
    • Note: Some agencies may also have a number after their name.
  2. Password: Provided after attending training.
    • Suggestion: Do not change your provided password.
  3. Program Code: 0058P followed by agency number.
    • Example: If agency number is A0183-03, then program code would be 0058PA0183-03.
  4. Please contact us if you don’t know your number.

2. Read Activity Status Alert

Screenshot of Agency Express signin message

  1. Close by either selecting Close at the bottom left or X at the top right.
    • Note: If you can’t close the pop-up notification, try zooming out of your webpage by going to your menu or settings.

3. Schedule Your Appointment

Agency Express requires you to schedule your appointment before you place your order. This is as if you’re ”ordering” your appointment time.

  1. At the top bar, go to Order Options.
  2. Select Scheduler

  1. Choose either Pickup or Delivery.
    • Note: Only select Delivery if you are a confirmed Agency Partner on our Delivery Calendar. If you are unsure or would like to be added, please call us.
  1. Select Date and Time.
    • Note: If you select Pickup, this is not your confirmed Date or Time, CFBNJ will choose the earliest out of your timeslots and call you the day before to confirm your Pickup Time.
    • Note: If you select Delivery, only Date is confirmed. Time is not confirmed and CFBNJ will call you with a time range. 


  1. If you are placing multiple orders, you must schedule all appointments during this step.
    • Note: Agency Express system requires Pickup appointments to be schedule 30 minutes apart. Actual orders will be scheduled for pick-up at the 1st time slot selected.
    • Note: Agency Express system requires Delivery appointments to be schedule 1 hour apart. Actual orders will be scheduled for delivery at the 1st time slot selected.
  1. Select Reserve.
  2. You will receive a pop-up notification that your Reservation/Appointment is successful. Click Ok.

4. Select Items

Screenshot of Agency Express

  1. At the top bar, under Order Options, select Shopping List.
  2. Under Order Quantity, type in quantity of the item you are ordering.

5. Update Cart

  1. Select Update Cart.
    • Note: This confirms that all your items are still available and that all edits you made are updated and saved.


6. Add to Cart

  1. Select Add to Cart at top or bottom of page.
  2. Select OK to close pop-up notification.
    • Note: The pop-up notification is displayed to notify you or any errors or if the order was successful.

7. Update Cart Again

  1. Again, select Update Cart. This confirms that all your items are still available and that all edits you made are updated and saved.

8. Check Out

Screenshot from Agency Express check out

  1. Select Submit Cart.
  2. Select the calendar icon.
    • Note: The only date that will show is the one you selected in the scheduler in the beginning of this process. 
  1. Select the time.
    • Note: The only time that will show is the one you selected in the scheduler in the beginning of this process. 


9. Review Order

Screenshot from Agency Express review order

  1. After your order is submitted, it will be processed through Agency Express and then be sent to Network Relations.
    • We will process and approve your order and contact you if necessary.


10. Submit Order

  1. Pop-up notification at the top confirms your submission, click OK
  2. Select Submit Card.
  3. Second pop-up notification at top confirms that order has been submitted successfully, click Ok

Common Mistakes When Using Agency Express

Screenshot of Agency Express common errors

  1. Question: When picking a date, why are some or all the dates crossed out?
    • If it’s the beginning or end of the month: We operate on a monthly basis of evaluating our inventory to plan ahead, ensuring everyone who wants food gets food for the following month. Select the arrow for the following month. The calendar for the next month may be ready and available for you to place orders for the following month.
    • You did not select “Scheduler” to schedule your appointment. Go back to the beginning of this tutorial to schedule your pickup or delivery.
  1. Question: Why is there an error on an item I want?

There are a few possibilities:

    • You did not select Update Cart before adding all items to your cart.
    • This item could have been added by another agency at a similar time and it is no longer available.
    • Last, although this item is showing, it is not available to you based on your qualifications but is still showing on Agency Express. Call us for support.