Neighbor Spotlight: Meet Darlene

Darlene is retired from a 15-year career in corporate security, where she says she got used to working with a lot of different personalities.  

Now, she puts that skill to good use as a volunteer at New Community Corporation’s affordable housing. She’s lived in the building for five years and serves as a floor captain, assisting other residents, handing out activity calendars, and making important announcements. She also gives out food each month at CFBNJ’s senior box distributions.  

Though Darlene gets food assistance herself, too, she can often be found sharing what she receives from CFBNJ with others in need.  

“I just share with others,” she said. “I’m one for sharing.” 

She enjoys cooking and especially appreciates the healthy foods that she gets.  

“I like getting vegetables and canned chicken and salmon,” she told us. “It’s all good.” 

Darlene needs a little help making ends meet in retirement, but she has a caring heart and is committed to giving back to her community.  

“The people here in the building know that I’ll always lend them a hand,” she said.