Women Fighting Hunger

Four women packing up food with Women Fighting Hunger logo underneath

Engaged Hands-On Philanthropy in Service of the CFBNJ Mission. Join Us!

Women Fighting Hunger supports the goals and priorities of CFBNJ, and provides Food, Help and Hope through hands-on philanthropy, leadership and collaboration. These projects provide much needed support to the efforts of CFBNJ and can be tailored to your time, interests, and talents.

 About Women Fighting Hunger

The Women Fighting Hunger initiative will offer its participants meaningful experiences that will:

– Provide rewarding engagement in the fight against hunger in New Jersey

– Create a sense of responsibility and ownership for the success of the initiatives we undertake

– Tap into individual skills and experience through a network of small project teams

– Create deep and lasting ties to the FoodBank and to the neighbors in need we serve

– Provide opportunities for education, enrichment, personal growth and a sense of community

The Women Fighting Hunger Steering Committee:

  • Susan Present - Chair
  • Toju Chike-Obi
  • Kathy Corbalis
  • Marietta Cozzi
  • Suzanne Hall
  • Wendy Lazarus
  • Danielle Shanes
  • Debbi Shedlin
  • Roby Weinrich
  • Sue Wishnow
  • Lauren Parisier Weiss

Upcoming Women Fighting Hunger Events

#GBPPD (The Great Big Period Product Drive) – April 2022

Women Fighting Hunger Luncheon – October 26th, 2022

Women Fighting Hunger Accomplishments in 2021

Dedicated Women Fighting Hunger volunteers have a lot to be proud of!

– 60 CFBNJ volunteers donated over 3,000 volunteer hours in FY21 to support CFBNJ staff and programs​, including monthly Women Fighting Hunger warehouse shifts

– Family Packs team onboarded 57 of the 70 active distribution sites where children and their families are provided with bags of food for the weekend, when kids miss school meals

– The Stewardship Team helped conceive and execute The Great Big Diaper Drive (#GBDD)​ in September 2021 — collecting 5,000+ pounds of diaper products​, raising over $32,000, and hosting a virtual lunch and learn with national diaper need experts

– College Pantry Liaisons distributed grocery gift cards and cooking utensils to 490 students at 8 colleges in November 2021 in addition to boxes of food, turkeys, and roasters

– WFH advisors, who help with CFBNJ’s SNAP-Ed wellness and nutrition classes and work with Food Service Training Academy (FSTA) students on career skills and entrepreneurship, created a guidebook for FSTA graduates interested in starting their own business

– The Students Change Hunger team onboarded 13 of the 88 schools participating in a statewide, friendly competition of food and fund drives

– Advocacy Team volunteers connected with food banks all over the country to gather ideas and compile into a report​ which will inform CFBNJ’s ongoing and future advocacy efforts

– WFH established and launched CFBNJ’s Care Crew—a program consisting of trained volunteer ambassadors who support CFBNJ staff by providing guidance, information, and gratitude to volunteer groups in the warehouse

Join The Women Fighting Hunger Initiative

Give us your contact information, and we would be delighted to share some amazing volunteer opportunities with you. There are many different remote and in-person options — you are sure to find something that fits your available time and interest.

The work we do increases the reach and impact of CFBNJ and directly helps hungry families across our state. Thank you for your interest!

If you have any questions, please reach out to or fill out this registration form. We can’t wait to work with you!