Women Fighting Hunger


Engaged Hands-On Philanthropy in Service of the CFBNJ Mission. Join Us!

Women Fighting Hunger supports the goals and priorities of CFBNJ, and provides Food, Help and Hope through hands-on philanthropy, leadership and collaboration. Together, we work to support CFBNJ programs and directly engage ourselves and our extended community in the fight against hunger, and work to raise essential funds and awareness.


Women Fighting Hunger volunteers are actively engaged in our inaugural initiative, addressing college hunger in the state of New Jersey. As our first undertaking, we strive to raise awareness and provide crucial support to college campus pantries across the state that are affiliated with CFBNJ. Food insecurity on college campuses has been a growing mountain of a problem, even before COVID-19 hit. As the cost of tuition for a college education continues to steadily climb, students must make the tough decision between paying rent or paying tuition, as they don’t have enough money for both. Stuck in this awful predicament, students skip meals because they simply cannot afford the cost of groceries on top of their other bills. 

After completing two in-depth training sessions*, the WFH volunteers began dedicated work matched to each woman’s unique set of skills and passions via three sub-committees: Programs, Outreach & Engagement, and Communications & Advocacy. Objectives include, but are not limited to: surveying college pantries to assess essential needs, establishing individual pantry liaisons, sourcing food through our Food Sourcing Ambassador program, aiding in weekly and monthly transport of food orders to partner agencies. 

*If you missed the training sessions and would still like to participate, please email   

For more information on the growing issue of college hunger, please find the following article from the New York Times 

The Women Fighting Hunger initiative will offer its participants meaningful experiences that will:

  • Provide rewarding engagement in the fight against hunger in New Jersey
  • Create a sense of responsibility and ownership for the success of the initiatives we undertake
  • Create deep and lasting ties to the FoodBank and to the neighbors in need we serve
  • Provide opportunities for education, enrichment, personal growth and a sense of community

 The Women Fighting Hunger Steering Committee:

Susan Present- Chair
Marietta Cozzi
Toju Chike-Obi
Suzanne Hall
Wendy Lazarus
Debbi Shedlin
Roby Weinreich
Sue Wishnow

To receive more information on the Women Fighting Hunger initiative please contact