Women Fighting Hunger College Pantry Initiative

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Engaged Hands-On Philanthropy in Service of the CFBNJ Mission

The Women Fighting Hunger Initiative supports the goals and priorities of the CFBNJ, and provides Food, Help and Hope through hands-on philanthropy, leadership and collaboration. Together, we work to support CFBNJ programs and directly engage ourselves and our extended community in the fight against hunger, and work to raise essential funds and awareness.

The Women Fighting Hunger Initiative will offer its participants meaningful experiences that will:

  • Provide rewarding engagement in the fight against hunger in New Jersey
  • Create a sense of responsibility and ownership for the success of the initiatives we undertake
  • Create deep and lasting ties to the FoodBank and to the neighbors in need we serve
  • Provide opportunities for education, enrichment, personal growth and a sense of community

College Hunger: Our First Engagement Platform

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Women Fighting Hunger Initiative will support various aspects of the FoodBank’s expanding College Pantry Program. Newly released information from Temple University shows that nearly 40% of NJ’s community college students face hunger. CFBNJ is working with 14 campus pantries now and intends to expand this effort. The Women Fighting Hunger Initiative will be the FoodBank’s boots on the ground in raising awareness and making further expansion a reality.

Training sessions will be offered multiple times during Spring/Summer 2020 in preparation for a September launch. The first block of training dates are:

Tuesday, April 14, 5 – 7 pm
Saturday, April 25, 9 – 11 am
Friday, May 8, 10 am – noon

The Women Fighting Hunger Steering Committee:

Susan Present
Marietta Cozzi
Suzanne Hall
Wendy Lazarus
Debbi Shedlin
Roby Weinreich
Sue Wishnow

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