Women Fighting Hunger

Women posing with boxes of cereal in the CFBNJ warehouse

Engaged Hands-On Philanthropy in Service of the CFBNJ Mission. Join Us!

Women Fighting Hunger supports the goals and priorities of CFBNJ, and provides Food, Help and Hope through hands-on philanthropy, leadership and collaboration. These projects provide much needed support to the efforts of CFBNJ and can be tailored to your time, interests, and talents.

 About Women Fighting Hunger

The Women Fighting Hunger initiative will offer its participants meaningful experiences that will:

– Provide rewarding engagement in the fight against hunger in New Jersey

– Create a sense of responsibility and ownership for the success of the initiatives we undertake

– Tap into individual skills and experience through a network of small project teams

– Create deep and lasting ties to the FoodBank and to the neighbors in need we serve

– Provide opportunities for education, enrichment, personal growth and a sense of community

The Women Fighting Hunger Steering Committee:

  • Lauren Parisier Weiss - Chair
  • Susan Present
  • Toju Chike-Obi
  • Kathy Corbalis
  • Marietta Cozzi
  • Suzanne Hall
  • Wendy Lazarus
  • Danielle Shanes
  • Miriam Haier
  • Roby Weinreich
  • Heather Stewart-Pyne

Upcoming Women Fighting Hunger Events

  • Friday, January 12, 2024 –
    WFH Hillside Warehouse Volunteer Opportunity
    10AM – 12PM (signup coming soon, email with questions)

More events can be found on the Women Fighting Hunger calendar.

Women Fighting Hunger Accomplishments 2022-2023

Not including in-person warehouse volunteer time, Women Fighting Hunger members collectively average 100 volunteer hours per month on projects including (but not limited to):

  • #GreatBigDiaper Drive
    • In 2023, WFH’s #GBDD raised more than $64,000 and collected over 30,000 diapers, tens of thousands of wipes and other necessities for our neighbors in need.
  • #GreatBigPeriodProductDrive
    • In 2023, WFH’s #GBPPD collected more than 38,000 period products and raised nearly $13,000! More than a 60% increase over the 2022 total.
    • More than forty attendees joined us live for this year’s #GreatBigPeriodProductDrive Lunch and Learn which featured speakers from NJCW/Essex, Alliance for Period Supplies, and volunteers from some of CFBNJ’s own network partners
  • Child Nutrition
    • CFBNJ Network Partners with child feeding programs were surveyed by the WFH Nutrition team to collect feedback on meals served at each site. So far this year, volunteers connected 1:1 with pantry managers from 16 Kids Cafe sites and 48 Family Pack sites. Currently, the Child Nutrition team is surveying 8 more Kids Cafe sites in South Jersey.
  • Stewardship
    • Our team of volunteers handwrites thank you notes to a list of recent donors as an extra thank you. Our most recent effort led to 196 written letters and more than 200 thank you cards.
  • Hillside Warehouse & Egg Harbor Township Volunteer Days
    • Over the last year (January-December, 2023) more than 70 different WFH members volunteered for at least one day at our Hillside warehouse or Egg Harbor Township Community Assistance Pantry on designated WFH volunteer days. Many of those members go back for repeat shifts!
  • College Pantries
    • WFH hosted three College Pantry Manager forums to allow for the managers of each pantry to come together to share thoughts, network, and learn from each other.
    • One of the initiatives born out of these forums with a push from WFH members was the idea to provide pantries with spices and condiments. Many college pantry managers (as well as other managers across our network) have expressed the desire to provide condiments and spices to their clients thus giving their experience dignity and allowing for the opportunity to provide culturally relevant items for cooking. The condiment and spice packing kits are now available here.
  • Thanksgiving 2023
    • WFH members in North Jersey joined us in Hillside to pack the bags provided to college students each thanksgiving. Volunteers packed up 925 bags for distribution to the students who use our 12 of our college pantries. In addition to the college bags, volunteers sorted the food donations collected at the 8th Annual Women Fighting Hunger Luncheon. Volunteers packed 50 boxes of food. These donations were made available to our Network Partners.In addition, 17 members of WFH participated in CFBNJ’s Annual Turkey Drive across 10 locations in North and South Jersey
  • Women Fighting Hunger Luncheon efforts
    • The Community FoodBank of New Jersey hosted its eighth annual Women Fighting Hunger Luncheon on Oct. 25 and for the second year in a row it was held concurrently in two locations, the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park and the Linwood Country Club. More than 500 guests were in attendance, approximately $350,000 was raised, over 1,000 Healthy Lifestyle Meal Kits were packed during the volunteer hour, and 2,347 pounds of food was brought and donated by attendees. In addition, more than 15 WFH leaders served as ambassadors at both Luncheons to recruit attendees to join as new WFH members.

Join The Women Fighting Hunger Initiative

Give us your contact information, and we would be delighted to share some amazing volunteer opportunities with you. There are many different remote and in-person options — you are sure to find something that fits your available time and interest.

The work we do increases the reach and impact of CFBNJ and directly helps hungry families across our state. Thank you for your interest!

If you have any questions, please reach out to or fill out this registration form. We can’t wait to work with you!