FAQ for Our Network Partners

Box of tomatoes

How can a food pantry, soup kitchen, or shelter become a CFBNJ food pantry?

If you would like your 501(c)(3) organization to become a CFBNJ network partner, your food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter must meet specific eligibility criteria. Learn more about becoming a network partner and then contact our Network Relations team.

I tried to place my order on Agency Express, but all the dates are crossed out. What can I do to fix this?

To place an order on Agency Express you must go to the scheduler to schedule an appointment first.

Why can’t I place an order for next month?

We work in the current calendar month. The next month will open at the end of the current month. For example, we will open April’s calendar the last week of March.

Is there any easier way to track client information and submit government Program reports?

Yes, Oasis Insight is an electronic database that can help track your clients and submit reports. Please contact us to learn how you may sign up for Oasis.

Is there a limit to the amount of food I can give to a client?

We do not limit the amount of product we provide each Partner. We strongly recommend practicing “FIFO” (First-in-first-out) and to refer to StillTasty for expiration date policies.

How can I get more food?

We have an “Extras” program, additional food that our Partners may request each month, while supplies last.

How can my food pantry sign up for CFBNJ’s delivery program?

We want to assist all of our Partners with delivery of their orders. Please call us at (908) 355-3663 to see how we may accommodate your delivery request.

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