10 Creative & Effective Virtual Fundraising Ideas

10 Creative and Effective Fundraising Ideas overlaid on stack of boxes

Virtual fundraisers for The Community FoodBank of New Jersey are a great and effective way to get a global community involved in the fight against hunger and poverty. Not only do virtual food and fund drives have the capability to reach people across the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home, but they can also stay active online for extended periods of time. Utilize the power of the web and host your own virtual fundraiser today.

Many platforms offer users the ability to stream live, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and TikTok. However, these various platforms differ with audience reach and capabilities. Some stream publicly or to friends only, while platforms such as Zoom allow for large virtual group video events not just live streaming.

Whether you would rather be the only person on the screen and interact with your audience through chat or do a large group call interacting with your network “face-to-face,” here some ideas to consider:

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

1. Create a social media challenge:

Do you remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? In 8 weeks, they were able to garner over $115 million for a great cause. However, the goal isn’t necessarily to create a viral social media challenge! Presenting any small yet fun activity for your network to engage in is key- think encouraging friends and family to upload pictures or videos of their favorite recipes or a picture of a time they had fun volunteering coupled with a relevant hashtag aligned with your fundraiser. A good challenge is one that is relatable enough that it connects people to one another, yet fun and simple enough to do without too much effort.

2. Host a virtual informational session, educating your network on hunger in New Jersey:

Speak to them about why you care and why they should too. Since it is virtual, there is an option to invite global guest speakers, perhaps a long-time volunteer or an advocate from the organization you are fundraising for. Think about what kinds of discussions and guests would resonate best with the people attending your fundraiser. Virtual chats also provide open floors for audiences to ask questions and engage with one another throughout the presentation.

3. Host a virtual game night:

You could do trivia or bingo and add some fun yet easy questions about hunger, bringing awareness through statistics and facts about hunger in New Jersey.  You also have the option of either marketing the game night as all about your fundraiser or hosting a regular game night with the option to donate or have a donation-based entry. Prior to the pandemic, game nights were a popular weekly event and it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see donation boxes at the entry- bring back tradition with a virtual game night.

4. Host a virtual happy hour:

Invite your friends and co-workers to a virtual happy hour dedicated to your fundraiser. You can take game night to the next level and fuse it with happy hour, have a mini book club with your friends, or simply keep it at a simple meet, eat, and drink where everyone can come connect with one another for a great cause.

5. Livestream a volunteer shift of CFBNJ:

Contact our volunteer team to discuss visiting one of our locations and livestreaming a tour or posting live from a volunteer shift. This is a fun way for audiences to familiarize themselves and connect with the organization that means so much to you.

6. Host a virtual cooking class:

Every third Wednesday, here at CFBNJ, we go live on Facebook with NJ SNAP-Ed to share #WellnessWednesday healthy recipe videos and health tips! Connect with your social network by live-streaming as you make your favorite recipes to solicit donations in the fight against hunger. Maybe even have a guest on to share their favorite meals, or crowd-source recipes ahead of time and make something someone else suggests. This is a fun yet simple way to connect with people as the love for food is universal! Cooking demonstrations also provide a stark reminder of not only how important food is to each and every one of us, but how deserving everyone is of a healthy and hearty meal.Man playing guitar in front of a cell phone to stream

7. Host a virtual concert:

Invite some musicians to play on a stream (or use your own talents!). Tickets can either be a flat rate that will be donated, or leave admission costs as “donation-based,” which leaves the donation amount up to the attendees.

8. Host a virtual dance party:

If you can’t get live musicians, call up someone you know who likes to DJ or you can set up your own playlist to play. Mix it in with a virtual happy hour or keep it family friendly. Twitch is the best platform for this, because you can plug your sound system right into it.

9. Host a comedy or talent show:

Invite the community to showcase their talents at a virtual livestream! You can invite bigger names to make way for larger donations or keep it casual and local. You might be surprised by what your neighbors can do!

10. Host a book club:

What better way to get folks involved in missions you care about than reading about it? Book clubs provide exposure to books and topics that otherwise would not have been found. Start a book club in tribute to your ongoing virtual fundraiser, introducing books that not only educate readers on hunger and other issues you care about, but also start discussions on how everyone can make a real difference.

Want to host a virtual food and fund drive? We can help you get started with suggestions, advice, and materials. You are the reason providing food, help, and hope is possible- be part of the change as we work to help our hungry neighbors in New Jersey!