Employee Highlight: Meet Curtis

Curtis has been working in CFBNJ’s Hillside warehouse for more than 10 years, doing everything from sweeping the floors, to working the front dock, to food selection. Now, he’s a manager. He oversees everything from when it comes in at the dock to when it gets loaded into boxes and goes out to the food pantries, schools, senior citizen centers and everywhere in between.

He handles a lot of produce — peaches in July, carrots in September, and potatoes pretty much all the time. He likes to think about what people might make with the food. Soup. A tasty casserole. Pie.

He also likes to imagine how his neighbors are going to feel once they’ve gotten some much-needed help from the FoodBank: Full. Ready for work or school. A little less worried. Able to get a night’s rest. He knows what the food that CFBNJ provides does, and he’s proud to be part of it.

Curtis tells us: “This warehouse is my warehouse — it’s here for everyone who needs it in my state, in my community. The food it holds is my responsibility. And the people that need it — they’re my neighbors. My friends. My family.”

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