Meet Adriana

A home health aide dedicated to her job and her community, Adriana’s struggles began three years ago when she couldn’t afford diapers for her baby. For over ten years, she has been assisting the same person full-time, but with two daughters, ages 3 and 12, and her elderly mother at home, her single paycheck isn’t always enough.  

“They give really good stuff here at the pantry. I especially like getting pasta and sauce that make a good meal, and I need help with diapers, so the diaper program is a big help,” she told us.  

Fortunately, Adriana has remained employed throughout the pandemic, but with her older daughter in school online and while her younger daughter’s daycare was closed, she relied on her mother to care for them while she went to work.  

Adriana visits St. Cecilia Office of Concern Food Pantry once a week, and beyond just getting help for her own family, she also picks up and delivers food for three other households that are registered with the pantry but can’t get there themselves.  

“Some people don’t have transportation,” she said. “I also pick up for one person who’s disabled and doesn’t have much money. I do it to help the people in my community.”