Meet Maria and Angela

Since the start of the pandemic, CFBNJ has distributed enough food for an incredible 95 million nutritious meals across 15 counties! 

As she received an emergency meal kit to sustain her family for several days, Maria, a recipient at one of our large-scale distributions, told us, “I haven’t been working since the pandemic started, so this is a really good help for my family.”  

Angela, a casino employee who still hasn’t gotten back to her livelihood, explained during one of our Atlantic City distributions, “I’m a single mother, and I have two children, so this is definitely helping.”  

CFBNJ understands the importance of fresh produce, so in addition to emergency meal kits, we have also provided produce such as onions, potatoes, apples, and oranges to keep neighbors like Maria, Angela, and their families, not only fed, but also healthy and whole at this time.