Neighbor Spotlight: Meet Yolanda

Yolanda and her husband have three growing kids at home – one boy and two girls, aged 10, 12, and 14.  Inflation has made it difficult to keep them healthy and well-fed. That’s why Yolanda visits her local pantry for some extra help.  

“Food is expensive, and every little bit counts,” she told us. “We both work, but it’s never enough.” 

Yolanda’s husband works full-time as a train mechanic, while she splits her time between raising her kids and working part-time as a grocery store cashier. The kids especially enjoy getting canned string beans, apple sauce, and mac and cheese from the pantry. 

“I always tell my kids that we can’t afford for them to be picky,” Yolanda said. “I teach them not to waste food, especially since prices just keep going up.” 

During the school year, the food from the pantry helps Yolanda send the children to school with nutritious lunches so that they can learn and socialize throughout the day.  

“The food helps us tremendously, especially with the kids in school. We don’t qualify for free lunch, so this really helps out,” she shared.