Neighbor Spotlight: Meet Tamiyah

Tamiyah and her mother are both 2021 graduates of CFBNJ’s Food Service Training Academy (FSTA). They decided to attend our FSTA program as a mother-daughter duo to hone their skills as they worked to open their family-operated food truck, TalkMac2Me.

“I loved the way they taught us how to achieve our goals, step by step, even beyond the classes,” Tamiyah shared. “The chefs really took their time to make sure we were all successful in many ways.”

TalkMac2Me combines family talents together, with Tamiyah as the creative lead; her mom as the chef; and Tamiyah’s aunt as the business manager. Since opening, they’ve successfully served several private events, including CFBNJ’s 2022 Blue Jean Ball. Moving forward, they plan to park on the street more often in order to serve the public.

“The FSTA program meant the world to us,” Tamiyah added. “We learned a lot about ourselves and each other.”