Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Carolyn

Carolyn’s interest in food security began at a young age, as she watched her mother provide meals in her community. She explains that though she hadn’t known that people were experiencing food insecurity until then, she has since had a strong desire to help provide long-term solutions to hunger. 

“At one point, when it was just me and my younger brother, my mom would still cook these large meals,” Carolyn shared, “and it wasn’t until I heard all these knocks on the door and saw my mom wrap up the meals that I realized she was feeding our community.” 

Her journey with CFBNJ began six years ago when she came as a corporate volunteer. That day, she tells us, a CFBNJ employee shared his story, which left her emotional and realizing that the issue of food insecurity was much broader and deeper than most people would think.  

“Since then, I promote CFBNJ to everyone and try my best to get colleagues to come volunteer,” Carolyn told us. “CFBNJ is one of my favorite charities.” 

Committed to CFBNJ’s mission, Carolyn, soon after, joined the Volunteer Leadership Group of her firm as a leader in organizing events at CFBNJ. She has also visited distributions with her friends and children, noting how moving and meaningful it is for her to have her kids experience the fight against hunger.  

“I want to do my part in giving and helping the community and to make sure that no one goes hungry,” said Carolyn.