About the Add Milk! Healthy Fluid Milk Incentive

Milk containers lined up on a shelf

The CFBNJ Nutrition Education Team is partnering with ShopRite stores to support the Healthy Fluid Milk Incentive program. As you prepare for the upcoming holiday, check out this great resource for SNAP recipients to receive free dairy products by spending their SNAP dollars on healthy fluid milk.

The Add Milk! Healthy Fluid Milk Incentive program is designed to increase the purchase and consumption of fluid cow’s milk.

Who can participate in Add Milk?

Any SNAP participant (individual or family) can take part by using SNAP dollars to purchase a qualifying milk product.*

What type of milk products can I buy?

Qualifying products include ANY size 1% or fat-free fluid cow’s milk. Products must be pasteurized, unflavored, and unsweetened.

How do I get coupons for milk products?

  • To get a coupon, purchase a qualifying milk product.*
  • When you check out, purchase your items with your SNAP EBT card. A coupon will be printed with your purchase that you can use LIKE CASH on future purchase of eligible products!**
  • For every dollar you spend you’ll earn a dollar toward your next purchase of eligible items.
  • Use the coupon printed from your qualifying purchase on your next transaction or shopping trip to buy any redeemable product based on your location.
  • Coupons expire within 60 days and can only be used at participating stores.

* “Qualifying fluid milk” is 1% or fat-free fluid cow’s milk without flavors or sweeteners that meet FDA, state, and local standards for fluid milk Vitamin A and D levels.

Participating ShopRite stores:

  • ShopRite of East Orange: 533 Martin Luther King Boulevard, NJ 07018
  • ShopRite of Hillside: 370 Route 22 West, NJ 07205
  • ShopRite of Newark: 206 Springfield Avenue, NJ 07103
  • ShopRite of Metro Plaza: 400 Marin Boulevard, NJ 07302
  • ShopRite of Columbia Park: 3147 Kennedy Boulevard, NJ 07047
  • ShopRite of Elizabeth: 865 W. Grand Avenue, NJ 07202
  • ShopRite of Kearny: 100 Passaic Avenue, NJ 07032
  • ShopRite of Bayonne: 583-9 Avenue C, NJ 07002

Why is milk important?

Fluid cow’s milk offers several unique health benefits.

  • Provides 13 essential nutrients (including calcium for building strong bones and teeth)
  • Promotes proper child brain and bone development
  • Is a natural source of protein

Source: Baylor University

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