“I got my spunk and my creativity back again”

For many of our Food Service Training Academy students, the program offers a pathway to reenter the workforce after periods of unemployment. For Tahzia, it is both an opportunity to get back to work, having spent months recovering from a serious injury, and a way to pursue her dream of starting TahTahTasties, her own catering company.

Raised by her grandmother, an expert in the kitchen, Tahzia adopted cooking as a way to ease her anxiety.

“Cooking for me is just soothing,” she told us.

Specializing in Caribbean dishes, Tahzia honed her craft at home before a car accident sidelined her for months. While recovering, she had the idea to sell meals that she makes in her kitchen and eventually grow her business into a full-service catering operation.

Then, she found out about the Food Service Training Academy.

“I went out and licensed the name TahTahTasties the first week that I was here because I was so excited,” she said, beaming as she slid a tray of freshly sliced peppers and onions onto a rack.

Tahzia graduated from the program earlier this year but still comes to the FoodBank regularly to help out in the kitchen, in addition to nurturing her young company.

“I’m very thankful,” she said. “Because of this program, I got my spunk and my creativity back again.”

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