Reasons to Become a Monthly Donor

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At The Community FoodBank of New Jersey, your monetary gifts make a significant contribution. Among many other reasons to make a monetary gift to CFBNJ, 95.5% of all funds donated are funneled directly to our programs and services, sustaining our operations, child, senior, and family nutrition programs, resource access teams, workforce development programs, and much more.

It’s thanks to you and your contributions that our mission is possible, delivering more than 85 million meals to over 800,000 New Jerseyans in need.

Why Should I Donate Monthly to CFBNJ?

If you’ve been on the fence about making a recurring gift, here are a few reasons donate monthly to CFBNJ:

  • You provide a steady flow of income that we can count on. Donations are a huge component of the funding for many of our programs, and when you give monthly, you ensure a stable foundation for CFBNJ to comfortably seek out big-picture solutions to hunger and poverty that otherwise would not have been possible. Beyond the survival of our programs, monthly donors give way for longevity, allowing for our programs and services to truly flourish.
  • You will grow with us. Whether it’s a new order of fresh produce, the launch of a new program, or making sure our facilities are in top shape, each month your generous gift will be utilized for the CFBNJ programs and services that need it the most. As we continue to fight hunger in New Jersey, you will be right there with us, seeing your impact firsthand!

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  • It’s easy & convenient. By opting to make your gift monthly when donating to CFBNJ, you will not have to worry about anything as monthly gifts are automatically processed each month. Automatic deductions are the easiest and most convenient way to make sure your donations are being made each month.
  • You can adjust your contribution at any time. You can make a monthly gift without worrying about any cancellation fees or penalties. If you would like to decrease or increase your contribution at any time, you can do so by calling our Donor Services team at (908)-355-3663. If for one month, you’d like to withhold a donation, you can also cancel at any time and start back up the next month. The process is easy, convenient, and hassle free.
  • It doesn’t break your bank account. Instead of donating $100 in a single sitting or on an inconsistent basis, you can set the amount to just $10 a month. Signing up to contribute a low amount each month can keep you within your budget while also benefiting CFBNJ in a stable manner.

As a monthly donor, your impact lasts longer than a one-time gift. Please consider setting up a recurring gift today towards our programs that fight hunger and poverty in New Jersey. You can make a recurring donation online or by calling us at (908)-355-3663.