Reasons to Donate Money to The FoodBank

Warehouse building with Reasons to Donate Money to a Food Bank

There are countless ways to make significant and lasting contributions to the charities you care about – time, resources, a helping hand. Options are endless, and all serve different functions and purposes at CFBNJ.

CFBNJ food pantry truck with line of people taking foodWhy Should I Donate Money to CFBNJ?

Which way to help is the best? Every contribution matters and makes up the whole of our organization. However, monetary gifts (whether one-time or recurring) have the greatest impact, helping to create a foundation for CFBNJ to exist and build from. Here are just a few reasons to donate money to CFBNJ:

  1. Funds pay for our utilities and warehouse operations, which are critical to our ability to execute our programs, store donated food, refrigerate fresh produce and proteins, run our fleets that rescue and distribute food, and much more. We use your monetary gifts to power CFBNJ, funneling them directly to where we need them the most.
  1. 95.5% of funds are allocated to programs and services, while the remaining 4.5% goes to administration and fundraising. This means that 95.5% of gifts are invested directly into running our child and senior nutrition programs, addressing hunger as a health issue, operating workforce development programs that help our neighbors secure steady jobs, helping New Jersey residents apply for SNAP, and all additional programs and services. Programs like Kids Cafes and the Diabetes Initiative are possible due to monetary gifts to CFBNJ.
  1. A single dollar can purchase more goods and items through back-end wholesale partnerships than through front-end retail purchases. It saves you and us money. When you give CFBNJ a single dollar, you provide three meals; an additional dollar, and you give a family six diapers. Your gift helps CFBNJ leverage our ability to source the best deal on the wholesale market and supply chain. It’s all part of how a foodbank works!
  1. Gifted funds allow CFBNJ to shop for specific essential and high-demand goods. Not only does this reduce waste and save money in the long run – it’s also a way to respect the dignity of the communities we serve by meeting their unique needs. To supplement generously donated resources and non-perishable items, CFBNJ is able to use monetary donations to source fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and hygiene products, recognizing and focusing on hunger as a health issue.

Celery, apples and bell peppers arranged in a crate in a warehouse

  1. Monetary donations make it possible for CFBNJ to seek and develop partnerships we need, such as working directly with farmers for fresh fruits and vegetables, which places less stress on the supply chain. Currently, we are working with local farms to have our own plot of land!
  1. Planning legacies and donating stocks and IRAs secure the survival of CFBNJ’s mission for generations into the future. Including CFBNJ as a beneficiary to resources that outlive us ensures a foundation for future generations to build from. Whether DAF, stocks, or securities, transferring ownership of long-term holdings to CFBNJ give donors charitable deductions for their full market value and incur no capital gains tax. You can also help memorialize a friend or family member with a tribute donation to CFBNJ in their name.

What we do at the FoodBank is possible thanks to you. There are plenty of ways to donate to CFBNJ and get involved! A donation or a virtual fundraiser could be the reason a family is able to receive fresh fruits and vegetables, and if you choose to give a recurring donation, your impact will be even greater. Thank you for donating to The Community FoodBank of New Jersey!