Valentine’s Day Ideas from CFBNJ

Food forming the shape of a heart with "Valentines Day Ideas from CFBNJ" overlaid in brown text

Spend Valentine’s Day with CFBNJ! Whether you’re looking to extend some love to the community or cruising the web for ideas to celebrate with your partner, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while helping your community!

Volunteers packing boxes in the Community FoodBank of New Jersey warehouseValentine’s Day Ideas

    • Sign up for a volunteer shift at CFBNJ! We are always in need of volunteers and could use your help! Spend a couple of hours with your significant other at either one of our warehouses sorting food, preparing meals for children, or creating Family Packs. Just in a single two-hour volunteer shift, volunteers can feed up to 500 families! In addition, not only is volunteering with your partner a fun bonding experience, but a great chance to learn and grow together as we, at CFBNJ, have first-hand witnessed love, service, and a shared mission setting up a beautiful foundation for long-lasting friendships and relationships across those of different social, professional, and educational backgrounds.


    • Make a meaningful tribute donation for a loved one. What better way to honor someone you love by gifting a generous contribution to the community under their name? Your impact will last beyond Valentine’s Day and longer than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Through recognizing and honoring your loved one, a child can get the diapers they need and a family, the food that is essential to be sustained through the week.


    • Prepare one of our healthy recipes, curated by our chefs. We have a multitude of different healthy recipes that you and your significant other can cook for the night. Some of our favorite meals, here at CFBNJ, include the veggie burrito bowl, spaghetti squash with parmesan and mushroom, and orange tea smoked grilled chicken breast with BBQ smoked vegetables! As CFBNJ continues to address hunger as a health issue, we make sure to produce recipes that incorporate whole foods and wholesome ingredients, ensuring that we leave people both full and healthy. Additionally, CFBNJ partners with NJ SNAP-Ed to provide free educational workshops, teaching our neighbors tricks, tips, and recipes to eat healthy food on a budget. Since the pandemic, we have transitioned these workshops to our Facebook and YouTube, where all of NJ SNAP-Ed food videos are now available to everyone! Make sure to check out our favorites- the enchilada casserole and the Haitian squash soup!


Avocado, tomato, bell pepper and cilantro in a bowl

    • Take advantage of CFBNJ’s current deals and dine out or purchase a gift for someone through our current promotions! This is a perfect opportunity to give a meaningful gift to someone special, showing your appreciation for them while doing good for the community. Our promotions change throughout the year, so make sure to check in from time to time to see what we have going on and perhaps purchase a gift another time of the year.


At CFBNJ, we understand the importance of love and how it fuels change and progress within our lives and community. We hope that you spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by lots of love and overall, have a great day! If you’re interested in other ways to contribute, learn more about the various ways you can give.