Volunteer Spotlight: Three Generations of Women Fighting Hunger

Suzanne, our Women Fighting Hunger Programs Co-Chair, was first introduced to CFBNJ by her mom, Joslin, a committed donor and faithful warehouse volunteer. When Suzanne’s daughter Lindley began ninth grade, they commenced a year of philanthropy – gathering monthly with friends to socialize while doing good for the community.

Given Joslin’s involvement with the FoodBank, our Hillside warehouse was the perfect place to start—assembling Family Packs with grandma! The memory of this experience and her mom’s example drew Suzanne back to the FoodBank after her younger daughter, Caroline, left for college.

Suzanne says, “Becoming more aware of food insecurity and its impact on young people has been eye-opening. As I see the challenges that our own kids faced this year, I can’t imagine adding hunger as well. My daughters are back from college and have enthusiastically joined me at the warehouse again, introducing more friends to the need that exists right in our own communities. This summer, perhaps you too can grab your kids and discover the awesomeness of working a shift at the warehouse!”