WLTA Spotlight: Meet Fednel

Fednel graduated from CFBNJ’s brand new Warehouse Logistics Training Academy (WLTA) earlier this year as class valedictorian. After eight weeks learning about inventory management, compliance, purchasing, and more, he got a full-time job in our warehouse.  

“I got more experience and knowledge of the warehouse in the program,” he said. “I learned leadership, innovation, and problem solving that I use now as an employee.”  

A lifelong resident of Irvington – right around the corner from CFBNJ’s Hillside warehouse – Fednel has seen food insecurity firsthand.  

“There were times when I saw my friends have tough times,” he told us. “In Irvington, I’ve seen some poverty.”  

Fednel has had his own set of struggles, too. Though he has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, he’s found it difficult to get a job in the field. He came to WLTA because he’s always eager to learn more, though, and because he loves to help other people.  

Now, he enjoys his job at CFBNJ because he can make a difference in the area where he grew up. In the future, he hopes to remain at the FoodBank and move up the ladder into higher positions.  

“I think I can bring something to the table,” he said.