Food & Hygiene Product Drive Ideas

Organizing a food drive is a great way to get your community involved in the work to end poverty in the Garden State. Below, we’ve supplied downloadable PDF toolkits for different kinds of drives and boxes to help those who need it most. They include helpful tips, checklists, printable signs, and more. We thank you for supporting the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. We appreciate your dedication to helping our neighbors in need!

Food Drive & Food Box Toolkits

Book cover with "healthy lifestyle meal kit" food box and food drive instructions

Healthy Lifestyle Food Box

With limited budgets, our neighbors in need are often forced to choose inexpensive, unhealthy food options in order to feed themselves and their families. While delivering food is central to CFBNJ’s mission, so is inspiring healthy and positive lifestyles. Close to 70% of the food CFBNJ distributes comes from highly nutritious “foods to encourage” categories. This meal kit encourages food drive organizers to help our mission to fight hunger as a health issue.

Dinner In a Bag Food Box

Parents skip meals so they can feed their children. This tough choice is an unfortunate reality for many families in need. In New Jersey, about 800,000 people struggle with hunger, including approximately 200,000 children. They live in every county, city, and town across the state. They are our neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends. Reach out to your community today to help us fill empty plates all over New Jersey.

College Meal Food Box

With tight budgets and busy schedules, college students are particularly vulnerable to hunger, which can hinder their abilities to excel in the classroom and put them at greater risk of dropping out. CFBNJ distributes food to 16 college campus pantries throughout the state and works with government to help enact long-term solutions to end college hunger in New Jersey.

Cover of Birthday Celebration Kit toolkit

Birthday Celebration Food Box

In New Jersey, about 800,000 people are food insecure. Some of our neighbors work multiple jobs but still struggle to make ends meet. They are often forced to choose between food and other necessities, and will often skip a birthday celebration with loved ones because of the extra expense. The birthday food box helps a neighbor in need have a special day by providing cake, candles, frosting and more.

Snow Day Food Box

When schools and childcare programs close on snow days, children in need miss meals they would have received at school. About 200,000 children in New Jersey struggle with hunger – approximately 1 in 10. In the three South Jersey counties that CFBNJ serves, it includes nearly 19,000 children – about 1 in 6. This food box helps bridge the gap so that kids don’t go hungry on snow days. Learn more about how CFBNJ helps kids.

On the Go Snack Bag Food Box

Children need healthy food to grow and succeed. CFBNJ’s work feeding children is an investment in their bright futures, providing them with opportunities to reach their full potential and laying the right foundations to break the cycle of poverty. The On the Go Snack Bag food drive is an opportunity for people in your community to donate nutritious snack foods for kids all over New Jersey.

Hygiene Product Drive Toolkits

CFBNJ’s hygiene programs are part of our anti-poverty work, providing much-needed supplies for families and the 2 in 5 Americans who lack sufficient access to period products. These items are usually not covered by other assistance programs, such as SNAP or WIC. That’s why your support is absolutely critical! Please use our PDF toolkits below to organize your drive and help get the items that are most needed by fellow New Jerseyans.

Diaper Drive Donation Box

1 in 3 families in the United States can’t afford diapers for their children, and that expense is not covered by WIC. Low-income families with young children often struggle to purchase diapers and need to make tough choices between diapers and other necessities. A diaper drive for CFBNJ will ensure that new families have diapers, baby wipes, and more.

Period Equity Donation Box

Lack of access to period supplies due to financial limitations is known as period poverty and is widespread among the people CFBNJ serves. 2 in 5 Americans do not have consistent access to period products. Holding a drive for period supplies will help ease the burden of our neighbors in need who cannot afford these hygiene products.